“You are amazing! Thank you so so so much! My wish is to be like you someday to help others like you have done for me! Honestly and truly...you are making me better".
Lisa Woynowski
Plainfield, Illinois

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Welcome To InspirationPoint

At Inspiration Point , it is our mission to celebrate your unique gifts, empower you to become who you are, inspire you to realize your potential and encourage you to live the life of your dreams.   As we offer results-focused support, products, training and services, our desire is to help make a positive impact on your destiny.

Join us in our passion for possibility living !

Bonnie Hazlett

President Of Inspiration Point


Secret Technology
For Effort-Free Success!


The Secret is OUT!

It's a simple idea with amazing power. And once you know Lisa Diane's *SECRET* for using the "PRIZE" to literally create "dreams on demand"... you can have, do and be just about anything and everything you truly desire... in no time flat.

When You Can Walk on Water Why Take the Boat?
Ready to magnetize
your desires?
Attract your wildest dreams? Create a life of sizzling success & fantastic fulfillment?

Buy The Book That Has Changed Lives Around The Globe

Book & Audio

DreamLife Discovery Personal Seminar
Burst Your Limiting Beliefs! Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence! Uncover Your Personal Power! Propel Your Life to Joy
& Abundance!



Finally, a simple tool to bring immediate relaxation and positive change to your life... effortlessly. You'll be flooded with a sense of peace, tranquility and total relaxation from your head to your toes. You're about to discover the Ultimate Stress Buster!

Life With A Silver Spoon " The 7 Power Principles to Prosperity"
Do you EXPECT good things to happen? Do you CREATE the vision of the life you want? Can you GIVE yourself permission to be rich? Uncover exactly how to live the good life now!


Positivities CD 
The power to create... the power to have it all... lies within your thoughts and words. Your life is full of possibilities... so don't waste another moment on a negative thought!

Maxximind - Interlude
Enjoy another exquisite MaxxiMind Audio experience with our newly released audio Entitled: “Interlude”a melodic journey awaits!
As always, the MaxxiMind audio experience will bring –

  • gentle waves of relaxation
  • instant stress relief
  • harmony & balance
  • a quiet mind

There's no better time than NOW to enjoy a MaxxiMind audio experience.

Give yourself the Gift of Relaxation... and renew your mind and soul today.



Lisa Diane's Personal Positivity Power CD
Many people want more...they want to pull back the curtain and peak inside her private world... to get an up-close-and-personal glimpse into exactly how someone like Lisa Diane does what she does.

You could listen to the EXACT SAME recording she  listens to on a DAILY BASIS... the same
recording that she credits with major breakthroughs in her own life.



Live with Lisa Diane

Get Your Questions Answered by Lisa Diane on an exclusive LIVE and UNSCRIPTED CD entitled,

"Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Success, Health, Wealth, Happiness and Prosperity... But Didn't Know Who to Ask."

This is exciting stuff!!



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